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Specialty Tax Advisory

Whether you’re an individual or running a business (or both), taxes are inevitable. Luckily, we make them simple. We’ll help you mitigate risk, maximize opportunities, and breathe easier by taking the burden off your plate.


We are here to help you navigate complex tax law and the constantly changing internal revenue codes. Together we can help you understand your options and maximize your opportunities.

Individuals & Entities

Staying compliant requires significant time and energy, we are here to simplify tax filing, while educating you on current and future tax laws so you can gain more control over your tax situation.

State and local tax

Running a business is challenging. Let us help you explore, plan, and execute on your SALT strategy to ensure compliance in multiple jurisdictions.

International tax

Today’s connected world can be difficult to manage as international tax laws and the global business environment continues to shift. We’ll help you mitigate exposure while staying flexible.

Tax Planning & Strategies

Keeping your business one step ahead of tomorrow means effective tax planning today. Meeting your obligations and maximizing deductions and credits all add up to a better bottom line. Our tax planning strategies can help you make informed decisions that support your goals. 

Up-to-Date Knowledge

Planning and forecasting tax liability requires staying up to date and compliant with  rapidly changing tax laws and requirements. Our team understands the latest laws, so you don’t have to.

Entity Selection

Choosing an entity for your business isn’t always straightforward. We can help you understand how to minimize your overall tax burden while maintaining simplicity and flexibility.

Succession, Transition & Exit Planning

Business owners must balance successful daily operations while keeping an eye on the future. We’ll make sure your money and management is allocated properly and strategically.

IRS Representation

We love working with the IRS. Just kidding, nobody does. We do, however, understand the anxiety IRS letters and communications cause. We’ll shed light into the black box and help you manage all your IRS responses or prepare for an IRS audit. 

Great advice. Even better humans. 

We’re a diverse group of seasoned industry professionals who love what we do. It’s nice to meet you. 

Linda Dawson


Info coming soon.

Ben Reynolds, CPA

Tax Director

Ben has over a decade of experience in taxation and accounting. He joined Platform in 2018, specializing in international taxation, corporate structuring, and real estate. He is a licensed CPA in Colorado.

Amy Chen

Sr. Tax Manager

Info coming soon.


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