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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees?

We are a fee-only advisory firm. This means the only compensation we receive is paid directly by our clients, to avoid any conflicts of interest. Our fees vary according to the size of the portfolio we manage. Depending on that amount, our fees ranges from 1.25% to 0.25% of assets under management per year. Our fee is stated as an annual percentage of assets-under-management and it is withdrawn from client’s accounts in quarterly installments. The fee we have received is clearly reported to clients as part of their quarterly reports. Please see our SEC filing, ADV, Part 2A for complete information regarding our fees. A copy of the ADV, Part 2A is available on request.

What does your fee include?

Our fee includes managing your investment portfolio and ongoing financial guidance. The first involves the science of investing: the value of systematic rebalancing, risk tolerance evaluation, diversification into appropriate asset classes, trading techniques, discipline and tax management. Our fact-driven and objective approach gives us a significant advantage.

Beyond your investment portfolio, we are committed to understanding our clients and providing ongoing guidance that is personal and relevant. That ongoing advice helps clients avoid mistakes, seize opportunities, gain clarity and attain peace of mind. That guidance is formalized through annual financial reviews, but can also be informal meetings and conversations.

How does Platform differ from a large investment firm?

The main difference is the personal focus and attention we are able to give each client. Our independence and close-knit team allows us to focus on what’s best for clients and stay highly engaged.

With fewer clients than large firms have, we take the time to really know them: their lifestyle, personality, tax situation, goals and specific situation, such as estate plans and investments other than securities.

Our independence gives us the freedom to seek the best ideas and research and act on them. We are not confined to any particular research or methodology. We also do not face the pressure or incentive to sell particular products like there might be at other financial firms.

Platform’s wealth advisory also benefits from the broader Platform network, where advisors connect and collaborate with experts in a variety of financial specialties and can help clients navigate almost all scenarios.

What are your credentials?

We are wealth advisors with technical competence and several certifications.

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What kinds of clients do you serve?

Our clients are individuals and families who, like us, value and enjoy long-term relationships.

Clients who benefit most from our services believe that our ability to independently integrate a variety of expertise (such as investment management, financial and tax planning) efficiently serves their best interests.

Human-centered wealth management

Platform Wealth Management Advisors is a team of seasoned industry experts who love the art meets science of wealth management.

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